The pro E power system is a solution from ABB for electrical switchgears of maximum rated current 6300 A and maximum short-circuit current 120 kA - it may be matched to the required installation type, protection degree as well as electrical and mechanical characteristics. The system is designed for problem-free satisfaction of all requirements within the scope of electrical installation from the standpoint of security, various forms of segregation and electrical characteristics according to the newest international standards and full synergy with all low-voltage devices ABB. ABB company may deliver complete solution for electrical energy distribution in infrastructural and industrial applications. Typical areas of application are air ports, hospitals, industry sector, residential building sector, etc. Moreover, the pro E power system guarantees full synergy with other ABB products offering easy assembly and cables installation.
Flexibility is power

The construction can be installed according to different logic sequences. A few elements is enough to build 120 different cabinet configurations. Each application type can have the protection degree of IP65. The new system of busbars using the same elements.

Speed is power

Simple, effective methodology within the scope of switchgears installation – ensuring time savings. Not complicated, easy installation of internal equipment. New installation plates with fast snap system. Internal compartments formed by adding another accessories.

Main benefits
  • Installation time can be reduced even by 15%.
  • Switchgear dimensions can be reduced even by 10%.
  • Less level of stock with greater number of configurations available at hand.
  • Simple installation and great options within the scope of connecting individual components.
Characteristic features
  • Rated current (ln) up to 6300 A, rated short-term withstand current (Icw) up to 120 kA, rated peak short circuit current (Ipk) up to 264 kA.
  • IP protection degree: IP30, IP31, IP40, IP41, IP65.
  • Busbar systems based on the same components (cross-bars, installation supports and insulators) allowing for installation of 5 mm or 10 mm flat or profiled busbars.
  • Max. rated voltage of insulation (Ui): 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC.
  • Conformity with the standards IEC 61439-1-2, IEC 60068-2-5, IEE Std 693 etc.
  • 120 dimensions of housings with common components.

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