Modulor EPE

Indoor low-voltage switchgear system for power distribution of EPE-type (Electric Power Equipment) has been provided to power
public buildings and industrial plants. The system is based on the frame structure which enables easy baying. The Modulor EPE is
characterized by high flexibility of both mechanical and electrical components.
Switchgear can be mounted directly on the support frame, mounting plates or DIN rails. Access to the apparatuses is possible
through doors, covers or after removing panels. The modular construction allows for easy separation of the
cable, device, rail and secondary circuit compartments.
Enclosures can be equipped with plinths mounted on the bottom of the cabinet to increase the
functionality. Due to the wide range of additional elements you can easily choose the right switchgear
We offer the system with a full type test according to the new PN-EN 61439-1 (2): 2011 standard
  • free configuration in any dimension sets
  • rigid and reinforced construction
  • safe and easy operation
  • transparency of the connection system
  • easy assembly
  • possibility of shipping the Modulor system mechanical parts (for self-assembly).
  • Civil construction: residential buildings, office buildings, commercial buildings, public facilities, communication facilities.
  • Industry: metallurgical, polygraphy, electromechanical, chemical, petrochemical, food, wood, mineral, high technology, drilling platforms.

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