DSZ IP 55 – Outdoor double-wall access system enclosure

DSZ – is a standing enclosure, representing the optimal solution for external access systems. Thanks to the large functionality of the interior design and the double aluminum outer shell, it is applicable not only in telecommunications, but also wherever high protection of external installations is required.
Corrosivity category
aluminum sheet
General information:
  • Ingress protection according to IP code: 55
  • Impact resistance according to IK code: 10
  • Operating temperature range: −40 – +80 °C
Basic data:
  • Body: bolted aluminum profile system
  • Side panels: screwed into the body; double-walled aluminum sheet · Roof: screwed into the body; double-walled aluminum sheet
  • Plinth: 2 mm thick galvanized steel sheet
  • Closure: hinged door with 105° opening angle; the possibility of independent change of the door opening direction; lock in the form of a handle with the possibility of mounting a latch insert with a key
  • Cable entry: there is a gland plate in the bottom, its dimensions depend on the width of the enclosure
  • Grounding: threaded grounding studs in the door and enclosure body
Additional options:
  • Increasing the operating temperature to range of −50 to +120 °C
  • Painting to any color according to the RAL palette
Main qualities of DSZ:
  • resistance – aluminium external surface is polyester powder coated which provides resistance to adverse weather conditions, ie. UV radiation, snow and rain.
  • protection – external coating of the double-wall affects the increasing of vandalism resistance. DSZ is designed to the outdoor use and is protected against unauthorized access.
  • functionality – cabinet construction is based on a self-supporting frame made of aluminum profile system. The profiles contain operating grooves (with the tensile strength of 12 000 N) in which nuts are mounted. The profile system allows for expansion of the cabinet in an existing form, in particular, allows for the expansion of the inner chamber:
    • by creating additional independent chambers, for example for accumulator battery, electronics, MDF/DDF, power connectors, metering systems,
    • by installing telecommunication systems and other internal installation systems. Frame system also allows to increase the loading of the enclosure while reducing its weight.
  • stability – of temperature through the so-called chimney effect which reduces the influence of sunlight and prevents condensation from being formed. Depending on the installation location and the expected temperatures it is possible to use:
    • the insulating material between the walls which results in large energy savings,
    • a system of heaters combined with ventilation panels controlled by thermostats,
    • a system of fans and exhaust filters mounted in the door or the side walls,
    • a system of ventilation or air conditioning panels controlled by thermostats.

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