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Features of our assembly tables

Multiple sizes



by electric actuators

Innovative table adapted to people with disabilities

The wheelchair-accessible table is a revolutionary solution that integrates comfort and functionality, enabling people with various physical limitations to participate fully in everyday activities.

Modern table with electric assistance

The universal assembler table, equipped with the ability to automatically lift and tilt the operating frame, is a new quality on the industrial tool market. This function is extremely useful for people with mobility impairments. The table has a number of functions to assist in loading and operating the work surface for people in wheelchairs and those with various types of spinal injuries that prevent them from lifting heavy things. The use of actuators and smooth adjustment of settings significantly increases the comfort of the assemblers’ work and speeds up and facilitates all the activities adjusting the table to the given task and position.

Różne wymiary

The USTM_E90 table has been designed in 3 different dimensions, offering work area sizes from 1000×1500 mm up to 1600×2200 mm. The height of the table and the angle of inclination of the working field are adjustable by means of cylinders. Smooth adjustment is ensured and the unit is extremely easy to operate via a console with controls.

Functionality USTM_E90

  • infinitely adjustable in height, using actuators – height range 780-1080 mm
  • Infinitely variable tilt angle adjustment, using actuators – range 0-90°.
  • the size of the working area can be adjusted by means of telescopic profiles
  • workpiece clamping system with vices
  • easily accessible control console
  • wheels to ensure table mobility
  • brakes

High emphasis on ergonomics

It is a well-thought-out and well-designed device that takes care of the ergonomics of the workplace, thus improving safety and productivity. It will be the optimal choice for fitters working in industries such as:

  • Electrical industry
  • automotive sector
  • industries related to industrial automation

The table has also been designed with employees with mobility impairments in mind. The table’s design allows for a suitable position for a worker in a wheelchair and provides access to the work area from a seated position. As an option, the table can also be equipped with systems to facilitate the placement of operable objects on the work field and a set of hand-operated brakes.

Wyposażenie podstawowe:

  • height and angle adjustment actuators
  • manual adjustment of field size roboczego
  • control console

Optional equipment:

    • roller system
    • loading assistance system
    • manual holder
    • manually operated brakes

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