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We have extensive experience in the prefabrication of electrical switchgear, having supplied and delivered switchgear to large utilities, transformer stations, power and industrial plants over many years.

We deal with the projects comprehensively. The first step is to carry out the mechanical design, including the necessary openings for ventilation or cabinet-mounted apparatus. Then, through constant contact with the customer during the fitting of the electrical equipment, we ensure that all details are dealt with and that the investor’s expectations are met. After completion, we are ready to carry out FAT tests in our factory and prepare the equipment for land or sea transport.




Bezpieczeństwo obsługi

rozdzielnic elektrycznych

W naszej ofercie znajdują się wyłącznie rozdzielnice elektryczne, które powstały na bazie wysokiej klasy komponentów.

Wykorzystujemy wyłącznie certyfikowane podzespoły oraz części, które spełniają szereg rygorystycznych norm oraz standardów.

Produkty poddawane są szczegółowej kontroli jakości, testom FAT oraz certyfikacji w instytutach badawczych.


The EPE (Electric Power Equipment) low-voltage indoor power distribution system is designed to supply power to public facilities and industrial plants. The system is based on a bolted frame construction, which makes it easy to create series sets. The Modulor EPE system is characterised by a high degree of flexibility in both its mechanical and electrical components.

Switchgear can be mounted directly on a support frame, mounting plates or Euro rails. Access to the apparatus is possible through doors, bezels or by removing covers. Thanks to the modular design, it is very easy to separate cable, apparatus, bus and secondary circuit compartments.

The enclosures can be fitted with plinths, mounted at the bottom of the cabinets – which increases their functionality. Due to the extensive range of accessories, it is very easy to select the right switchgear application.

Electrical switchgear

Electrical switchgear is manufactured on the basis of our own metal enclosures in indoor, outdoor and harsh environment designs such as ships, quays, refineries, chemical plants, pumping stations.

Proprietary power distribution systems, transformer stations, explosion-proof switchgear, low- and medium-voltage switchgear complete the range.

Our electrical switchgear has a variety of operating voltages, making it effortless to match the operating conditions. They are used in the residential, construction, industrial and energy sectors, as well as many others. We always put quality first, so you can be sure that we will meet the expectations of even the most demanding people.

Do you need professional advice? Contact our experienced and specialised staff, who will provide the necessary information and answer your questions. This will make it much easier for you to choose the right option. The electrical switchgear on offer has many advantages, which are described below.


maritime transport

Control panels for marine vessels

military sector

Certified switchgear, manufactured in accordance with military standards

rail transport

Controlling the operation of machinery, setting processes and managing depots

chemical industry

Control panels for controlling chemical processes, monitoring them and alarming in case of irregularities

food industry

Detailed control of individual production stages and the functioning of machinery

manufacturing industry

Control of production machines, process control and monitoring and alarming of errors and irregularities


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