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Improving the efficiency and ergonomics of electrical fitters using Bulkon assembly racks or tables

Improving the efficiency and ergonomics of electrical fitters using Bulkon assembly racks or tables

Ergonomics at every workplace is beneficial. First of all, it ensures safe and comfortable working while improving productivity. This principle also applies to the work of electrical fitters. It can be improved by using appropriate assembly racks and tables. They are specially designed to make work easier and provide a comfortable posture during work.

Ergonomics at work or how to adjust the workplace?

An ergonomic workstation is one that is tailored to the type of work, the activities carried out, but also to the specific employee who performs the work. Unfortunately, it is difficult to adapt workstations, machines and equipment to the needs of each employee. This is very difficult, especially when they work on shifts or regularly change jobs. It is therefore necessary to equip the workplace with products that can be flexibly adapted to the working conditions and the individual worker. It is therefore worthwhile to choose assembly racks and tables which can be adjusted, shifted, etc. The greater the mobility of a product’s structure, the better it will work as an ergonomic workplace.

What are assembly racks?

Assembly racks for control cabinets are regulated constructions used in various industries. They are adapted so that several employees can work with them at the same time. It is a combination of a workspace and box racks. Depending on the type and size of the rack, it can hold various number of boxes. What’s more, most of the assembly racks available on the market are mobile. They have wheels that can be locked while working. Racks are made of different materials. The Bulkon company, which has extensive experience in the production of similar racks, makes its products from durable metal elements and system aluminium profiles. The assembly rack enables easy organization of work and comfort for its users.

What are assembly tables?

An assembly table is a construction specially designed for use by people who require their workplace to be adapted to complex manual tasks. They are used, among others, in workshops, various production plants and everywhere where work requires precision. Assembly tables are made of high quality steel. A properly prepared construction allows the table to be tilted, which is very useful if the work has to be done on an angled table top. In this way, the electrical fitter or other person using the table can adapt it to their needs. The assembly tables are equipped with wheels that can be locked when positioned in the correct position. When unlocked, the table can be moved freely. The mounting plate is fixed by means of retaining fittings and brackets.

What are the advantages of assembly tables and racks?

Installation tables and racks are frequently used in various companies due to their wide range of applications. These are the advantages that distinguish them from other solutions:
– they are durable, so they can be used in various conditions and for a long time,
– the construction adapted to the needs of electrical fitters and other people doing precise work,
– possibility of working several people at the same time,
– possibility of placing even several boxes on one frame,
– mobility of products combined with the possibility of blocking,
– possibility of adjusting various elements of tables and frames, such as the angle of inclination of the table top,
– easy installation of table or frame,
– versatile use,
– possibility of making a product tailored to the customer’s needs.

Why is it worth to invest in ergonomic tables and racks?

Only a few decades ago, many employers could say that ergonomics is not necessary. Fortunately, today most of them realise that the more ergonomic the workplace is, the more productive and accurate the worker will be. This is due to the fact that, for example, an uncomfortable position can be tiresome after a short time, which will make the employee feel uncomfortable, distracted and working slower. Properly adjusted assembly tables guarantee perfect organization of work by the possibility of placing boxes and tools close to the worker. This saves time and energy and helps to prevent waste and improve efficiency.

Where can I find ergonomic equipment?

Specially prepared assembly racks and tables are available in the offer of the company Bulkon. These are products designed with ergonomics in mind for each workstation where they will be used. Made of durable materials, they can last a long time and, if necessary, can be easily adapted to changing working conditions, e.g. increased number of employees or change of performed job. Stable and well thought-out design allows the product to be handled freely. This is why the products of this brand are so popular among electrical fitters. Products are also available in the offer of Radiolex.

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